Change in Registered Office

Change in Registered Office

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The registered office of a Company or LLP is the principle place of business for a private or public limited company and all official correspondence from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs is sent to this location. The registered office of a Company or LLP can be changed within the local limits of any city, town or village where such office is situated by just giving a notice to the concerned Registrar within 30 days after the date of the change. But a special resolution will be required if the change of the registered office is from one village, town, etc., in the same state. Where the place of registered offices is to be altered from one State to another State, the Company or LLP may do so by passing special resolution and getting confirmation of the Company Law Board. The Company or LLP is also required to give an advertisement in the newspapers indicating the change proposed to be made and also a notice is to be given to the State Government when it is proposed to transfer the registered office from one State to another.

A change to the registered business office address can be required due to various reasons. Further, the formalities and process for changing the Registered Office of the Company or LLP will depend on if the Company or LLP is changing address within the same city/town/village or if the Company is changing address between city/town/village of if the Company is changing the Registered Office between States. Parakh Management System Pvt.Ltd. can help you change the Registered Office in all three scenarios, talk to our Business Advisors today.


A copy of the amended MOA and Article of Association (AOA) of the company.
A copy of minutes of general meeting recording votes.
A special resolution passed by the members for alteration of MOA and AOA.
Copy of power of attorney or board resolution.
List of creditors and debenture holders of the company who are entitled to object to the application, along with their address, nature of debt, and the amountdue.
Copy of authority letter, the board of resolution for the person who will appear in the hearings, if any.
Affidavit from the directors that no employee shall be retrenched as a consequence of shifting of RO.


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