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Factory Registration

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Gujarat Factory Registration The factory owners of Gujarat have to register their premises with the local governing authority before they can commence operations. Factory registration in India is governed by the Factories Act, 1948. Factory license is a certificate issued by the Chief Inspector of Factories after which a factory can commence its manufacturing processes. What follows is an overview of the procedure for obtaining the Gujarat factory license.

Factories Act, 1948 Under the Factories Act, 1948, a factory needs a Building Plan Approval from the Labour and Employment Department before applying for a factory registration. Under the Factories Act, 1948, registration and renewal of factory licenses are also required for the purpose of ensuring the safety of workers. The Department keeps a record of each factory that meets the conditions of the Factories Act, 1948 regarding their workers, power consumptions, chemical usages and accepts returns that fall under various acts from those companies on time to time basis.

Factories Act, 1948 aims to ensure that the working conditions in factories are right. It regulates health, safety welfare, and annual leave it is a special provision with respect to persons who work in factories.




List of Pre-Establishment Approvals

  • Registration under Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act.
  • Registration under the Building and other Construction Works Act ( Workers Site Registration )
  • Consent to Establish from GPCB ( CTE )
  • Electricity Connection – LT/HT Connection
  • Water Connection – GWIL/GWSSB/NWRD/GIDC/ Municipal Corporations / Municipalities
  • Building plan Approval from urban Authorities/Municipal Corporations/Municipalities/ GIDC
  • Factory Plan Approval
  • Fire NOC

List of Pre – Operation Approvals

  • Factory License
  • License for Contract Labour/Registration of Principal Employer for Contract Labour
  • Registration and NOC for Boiler / Economizer
  • Consolidated Consent and Authorization from GPCB ( CC&A )
  • Registration under Shop and Establishment Act
  • Various Tax Registration
  • Registration and License under Environmental Law and regulations
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