GST Return Filing

GST Return Filing

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A return is a document containing details of income which a taxpayer is required to file with the tax administrative authorities. This is used by tax authorities to calculate tax liability.

Under GST, A recoded dealer to file GST returns that comprise:

  • Purchases
  • Sales
  • Output GST depends on sales
  • The input tax credit, GST paid on purchases

To file GST returns, GST compliant sales and purchase invoices are required. You can generate GST compliant invoices free on PMSPL.

The Goods and Services Tax is a multi-stage, a destination-based indirect tax levied on the manufacture, sale, and consumption of goods and services. By subsuming several state and central taxes into a single tax, GST was introduced to eliminate the cascading effect of taxation in a big way. This is in par with the government’s mission of setting up a common national market as well. The new tax regime was rolled out by the Central government on 1st – July- 2017.

Any individual registered under the GST Act has to submit the sale and purchase data of products and services as well as the tax collected and paid. To do so, the individual has to file online returns. GST returns are documents filed by taxpayers with the income tax authorities of India periodically. Those registered on the GST portal have to provide their business information (sales, purchases, tax collected, and tax paid for instance) by filing GST returns online. The tax authorities use this information provided to calculate tax liability.

Returns Applicable Under GST Law

GSTR 1 has to be submitted by the 10th day of a month. It will contain details of a registered taxable supplier’s outward products supplied and services rendered. Some of the critical headings under form GSTR 1 are:

GSTIN (which means Goods and Services Taxpayer Identification Number)
The legal name of the registered person.
Previous financial year’s aggregate turnover.
Taxable outward supplies to a registered person.
Taxable outward supplies to a consumer.
Reform to details of any external supplies for previous times.

PMSPL is the predominant professional services platform in India, offering end to end GST services from registration to GST return filing. PMSPL can help you file GST returns in major cities like an Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Surat, Bhilwara, Indore, we are providing a services in all over India. The average time taken to file a GST return is about 2 – 4 working days, subject to government processing time and client document submission. Get a free consultation on GST return filing by scheduling an appointment with a PMSPL Consultant.


A return is a statement of financial activity by a taxable person for a prescribed period. This allows a taxable person to self-assess the tax they owe for that period.
Every registered taxable person is required to file returns under the GST law. If you have not performed any business activities during the period covered by a return, you need to file a nil return.
Yes, an OTP is required at every stage of the filing process: whether it’s for pushing data into GSTN, reconciling uncategorised transactions from GSTN, or for filing GST returns. Every OTP sent to the registered phone number is valid only for 10mins. That said, if you are filing your GST returns through a GST filing software, the life of your OTP gets extended. Upon entering the OTP for the very first time inside the filing software, the network will authenticate the OTP and provide a token to the application which will allow you to carry out your filing operation uninterrupted for 6-12hrs (until the token expires).
Any business that permanently terminates its operations is required to file the GSTR-10, also known as the final GST return.
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