Incentive/Subsidy For Industries

Incentive/Subsidy For Industries

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A subsidy for Industries is a type of financial aid or support provided to an economic sector, institution, Business, or individual generally to promote economic and social policy.

Although commonly provided by the government, the term subsidy can mean any support;for example, from NGOs or as implicit subsidies. Subsidies are of different types, including:

Direct:– cash grants, interest-free loans Indirect: —Tax breaks, Insurance, Low-interest loans, Accelerated depreciation, Rent rebates.

Subsidies can be broad or narrow, legal or illegal, ethical or unethical. The most common forms of subsidies are those to the producer or the consumer. Producer/production subsidies make producers better off by supplying market price support, direct support, or payments to factors of production. Consumer/consumption subsidies lessen the price of goods and services to the consumer. For example, in the US, it was once cheaper to buy gasoline than bottled water.

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MSME & Large Industries Schemes

Aerospace& Defence(A&D) scheme

Plastic Policy

Labour-intensive scheme

Mini Estate scheme

Mega / Innovative Projects

Logistics Park scheme

Environment Protection Scheme

Electric Duty Exemption Subsidy

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