Partnership Registration

The partnership Registration is a registered company under the Act, 1932

Partnership Registration

The partnership Registration is a registered company under the Act, 1932

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Partnership firm represents a business entity that is formed to make a profit from the business. Two or more parties come together with a formal agreement (known as Partnership Deed) to own and manage the business. The risk and responsibilities are shared amongst the partners that shared the burden of an individual partner. Also, when two comes together, more capital and expertise are combined that helps to reach the business goal easily. Partnership Act, 1932 defines the structure of a Partnership firm by providing all the necessary provisions to run the same. The Act validates both registered and unregistered partnership firms in India. However, an unregistered partnership has few shortcomings that attract partners towards Partnership Firm Registration. But, one can overcome it by registration firm any time after it is formed.

partnership firm


PAN and Aadhar card 

partnership deed 


Letter Proof 


Minimum two partners are required
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No requirement of minimum capital
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Proof of Principal place of business
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Partners sharing ratio
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Drafting of partnership deed

Find a suitable name and apply the same

Preparation of partners documents

Application for PAN and TAN

Once the partnership deed is duly signed by all partners, get it notarized with applicable stamp duty



To setup Partnership Firm in India, there is a requirement of a minimum of two persons who come together with the motive of earning profits.
For Partnership Firm in India, there is no minimum capital requirement, unlike Private Limited Company. You just need capital to maintain a current bank account balance.
It is not mandatory to apply for a partnership firm in India; however, it is always advised to get it registered with the Registrar of firms as it gives the legal status to the firm.
Only a registered Partnership firm can file a suit in any court against the firm or other partners for the enforcement of any right arising from a contract or right conferred by the Partnership Act. Also, only a Registered Partnership firm can claim a set off (i.e., mutual adjustment of debts owned by the disputant parties to one another) or other proceedings in a dispute with a third party. Hence, it is advisable for Partnership firms to get itself registered sooner or later.
There is no particular process of registering the name of the partnership. A partnership can be registered by any name as the parties decide. For more protection of the brand, one can get the trademark registered.

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