Private Limited Registration

The Private Limited Company is a registered company under the Companies Act, 2013.

Private Limited Registration

The Private Limited Company is a registered company under the Companies Act, 2013.

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One of the most prominent forms of business organizations in India is a Private Limited Company. Private Limited Companies requires registration under the Companies Act, 2013. The MCA governs Private Limited Companies. This form of business offers a lot of functional flexibility to small businesses and entrepreneurs. Registration of a private limited company is a process that can be completed online without the hassle of multiple visits to the concerned authority’s office for submission of various documents. You can register the company online at the MCA portal with requisite documents.

code of conduct



Pan Card

Self-attested copy of PAN (mandatory)

Voter Id

Self-attested copy of Voter ID/Driving License/Passport

Passport Size photo

Passport Size photograph

Address Proof

Copy of address proof, i.e. bank statement with transaction/ mobile bill/ electricity bill/ telephone bill (not older than two months)

In the case, the applicant is a foreign national (Self-attested)

  1. Residential proof (Apostille and Notarized).
  2. Passport (Apostille and Notarized).
  3. Notarized identity proof of the director(s).
  4. If the applicant is away from the native country, then attested copy of VISA is required.
  5. In the case, the foreign national is residing in India, then attested copy resident permit certificate is required.


For the proposed registered address (Residential /commercial)

  1. NOC from the owner if applicable.
  2. Copy of electricity bill/Telephone Bill.



Company name search with ROC

Reservation of company name application

DSC and DIN of two directors

Creation of  MOA and AOA of company

Certificate of Incorporation

PAN & TAN of company

Post incorporation advisory services from CA/CS


Separate Legal Existence

Perpetual Existence

Corporate Entity

Limited Liability

Business Growth

Better Credibility

Easy Transferability of shares

Right to own property/asset

Easy availability of Project Finance



1.    Name Application for the company

2.    Application for DSC (Digital Signature Certificate)

3.    Application for DIN (Director Identification Company)

4.    Company Incorporation Application

5.    PAN & TAN of company

6.    Bank Account opening



Minimum two directors are required for Private limited company registration. The maximum number of directors in a private limited company.
Any individual/organization can become a member of a private limited company, including foreigners/NRIs. However, the individual must be above 18 years of age and should possess a valid PAN card.
Generally, registration of a private limited company takes about 7 days.
AOA, or the Articles of Association, defines the internal structure of the company. MOA refers to Memorandum Of Association. It mentions the mission, vision, and business object of the company in the long run.
Private Limited company registration can be executed online. No need to come to our office or any other office for incorporation. A scanned copy of the requisite documents has to be mailed.. The statutory authority will mail the certificate of incorporation on the registered mail id of the applicant.
PMSPL can incorporate a private limited company within ten working days from the date of submission of documents. It helps to have all the documents in place before registration. The name that you want to register should be unique.
The DSC or Digital Signature Certificate is issued by the certifying authority. It is used to sign electronics documents.DIN stands for Director Identification Number. DIN is allotted along with Certificate of Incorporation through SPIC eForm.
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